Fun Factoid Friday: The Jude Puget (AFI) backstory

jadeEvery Friday the punk rock geniuses here at Dying Scene are going to unleash a little bit of punk scene trivia all over your asses.  Today’s “fun factoid” is about AFI guitarist, Jade Puget.

If you’re a fan of AFI you already know that Jade Puget plays guitar in the band but here’s some things you might not know about the dude: Not an original member of AFI, Puget has been in a number of bands prior to joining in 1998. Originally a part of Redemption 87, Influence 13, and Loose Change, Puget also played bass in a band called Taxidermy, which means he hasn’t always played guitar. He is the oldest member of AFI at 36 and the first song he wrote for AFI was 1999’s “Malleus Maleficarum” on “Black Sails In The Sunset”. He, along with Davey Havok, are the only two in the band that follow a Vegetarian and Straightedge lifestyle and Puget is the only member of AFI to have a college degree.

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