GBH releasing new album “Perfume And Piss”, listen to track “Kids Get Down”

hellcat4After years of speculation, English hardcore band GBH has announced plans to release their eleventh studio album, Perfume and Piss, via Hellcat Records on April 6.  You can get a sampling of what’s to come by checking out the album track Kids Get Down on the Hellcat MySpace page.

From the press release:

Barn-burning, fist-pumping, palace-gates-storming tracks like “Kids Get Down,” “Cadillac One” and “This is Not the Real World” carry the torch forward with the band’s trademark fury that is alternately nihilistic, optimistic, pessimistic, anarchist, violent, humorous and deadly serious all at once.

Perfume and Piss is, in the band’s own words, the “best album we’ve done in a long, long time.” The album was created in fits and starts (two weeks on, two weeks off) which allowed them to fine-tune the material and compose a more complete feeling album. “We’re really pleased with it.”

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