Get Party Records posts PWYC comp to help with Vet bill

Get Party Records have announced a benefit comp of sorts, to help Reid Skerritt afford an enormous vet bill for his dog Harry, who was mauled by another dog and sustained life threatening injuries. The label said this:
To make a long story short Get Party Records records was going to release this compilation on tuesday for free but a pretty major accident has taken place in my friends life. My friend Reid Skerritt’s dog Harry was mauled by a another dog and left with some very life threatening injury. They have racked up a huge vet bill in 24 hrs so we are posting the comp today as P.W.Y.C. “Pay What You Can”. You can choose to donate what ever amount and we will be giving him the money. Please take the time to repost this for him and I and his poor dog.

for more info about the incident read here or donate here 

Check out the compilation here.

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