Glassjaw members allegedly witness Andrew W.K. imposter mug 60 year old man

The concept of a Doppelgänger(an evil body double) has existed for ages in German folklore, and accounts of people running into their treacherous look-alikes pop up every now and then. The latest “victims”? Party metal enthusiast Andrew W.K. and the 60 year old man his double allegedly mugged in an Indonesian restaurant in New York last week. Did I mention that Justin Beck and Daryl Palumbo of Glassjaw happened to be eating there at the time?

The whole thing was reported by Beck’s wife Melissa, who told the Internet about her husband’s encounter with a soup-eating “roadie looking motherf*cker” who annoyed the restaurant’s few patrons by blasting metal music on his phone while eating. Allegedly, when asked by a 60-year old man if he could turn the music down, the guy mugged him (the account is less clear on what actually happened at this point.) Read Melissa’s full account here.

The whole time, Beck, also eating in the restaurant, was texting his bandmate Daryl, who was on his way to meet up.  Beck began to suspect the man to actually be their former tourmate Andrew W.K., with no proof, until a fatal give away: Ass tattoo. Yup, Beck quickly googled a picture of Andrew W.K.’s ass to verify matching tattoos with the “dirty roadie motherf*cker.”

Andrew W.K. has denied involvement, claiming an imposter is on the loose. It seems Melissa and Andrew have both agreed that an evil look-alike must be on the loose and clearly must be stopped.

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  • For one, It says “mean mug” which means he was giving him a dirty look, not actually mugging him. Another is googling his ass doesn’t literally mean he googled his rear end. How would he even know that this guy had an ass tattoo? How about some reading comprehension here Connor.

    • Wow, the comprehension fail is hilarious. It’s like an exaggerated game of telephone, except instead of whispering into your ear, they put the message out in clear, plain written text for you.

  • i think when he said “i just googled his ass and saw a matching tattoo”, he meant
    first, I googled his dumb ass.
    then, I saw a matching tattoo.

    AWK doesn’t have an ass tattoo.

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