Glenn Danzig to release covers album

Glenn Danzig, the singer of Danzig and formerly of the Misfits and Samhain, has been in the studio recording a covers album, which he plans to release this summer/fall. When his band Danzig does a “Legacy” tour, beginning in the next few weeks, a song from the record called “Devil’s Angels” will be premiered. In regards to his decision to make a covers album, Glenn tells Loudwire:

“I’ve wanted to record this song since 1979, and this is exactly the same arrangement I had for it back then, so it pretty much sounds like that late ’70s style of mine. I’m really happy with the way it turned out; it actually came out much better than I had hoped it would. We’re going to be playing it live on these upcoming shows.”

The untitled-album will also include cover versions of songs by Black Sabbath, Elvis Presley and many other artists. Glenn states, “It’s [got] lots of different stuff [on it]. Of course there’s an Elvis Presley song on there, there’s a Black Sabbath cover… Then I took some old biker-movie theme songs and made them all old punk-sounding or whatever… Just f—ing around, really — just having a good time taking songs and giving them a different life or a different dimension. I just do what I feel like doing, as long as I don’t just cover it, because that’s boring to me. I wanna take it and change it and give it some other kind of thing. Otherwise just leave it alone.”

The Danzig band last released Deth Red Sabaoth in 2010.

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