Good Friend sign to Red Scare for release of new album “Ride The Storm”

Irish punk rock trio Good Friend have just been announced as the newest band to sign to Red Scare Industries. The label will release their new album “Ride The Storm” digitally on November 18th with a physical street date of November 25th (Black Friday!).

Singer Adam Carrol had this to say about the signing:

“With most of ‘Ride The Storm’ already recorded I decided to take some time off and head to the States to catch up with some old friends and have a wee bit of down time. One of these friends was Mr. Tobias Jeg. We met up, we got drunk on a ship, we got drunk in a German bar, and somehow ended up getting drunk in an Ethiopian bar. We also rode bikes around, nearly died a couple times along the way. Who knew a few months later we’d be releasing our debut album on Red Scare and Gunner Records?! I guess I must have passed some weird punk rock initiation. We’re calling it ‘Ride The Storm’ because we used this band and these songs to come out the other side of three very shitty years here in the UK. Me and the boys are ready to share these songs with all our friends and make some new friends while we do it!”

As near as I can tell this is the band’s first proper release since their 2012 debut EP. Pre-order “Ride The Storm” here.

Ride The Storm Track Listing:
1. Rock Bottom Revival
2. D.L.B.
3. Overloading the Limiter
4. The Curious Case of Hy-Brasil
5. The Return of Fionn and the Fianna
6. Curse the Name
7. Young Blood
8. Daniel O’ D and the Moonshiners
9. Bar Flies
10. Irish Goodbyes

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