Green Day already working on “back to basics” album

old-green-dayFor all you old school Green Day fans lamenting the fact the band has changed so much over the years, I have some news for you!

Billie Joe Armstrong told MTV in an interview that they will begin recording a “back to the basics”-sort of album. He says,

“It’s just been songwriting right now. Instead of doing it later on, we decided to start doing stuff now. … It’s all back to the basics again. Just getting in a room together and start jamming,” Armstrong said. “We set up all of our old gear, which was like an experiment. We set up all of our equipment from 1992, and we sat in a room. We got in, and I was like, ‘Come on, guys, we’re getting back in!’ and I [start playing] and go, ‘This sounds like sh–!’ Everything sounded so bad.”

No details yet on when the album will be released, although it is still extremely early for anything to come out of it

“We’ve got to start translating the songs and explaining the songs, and the next step will be arguing about the songs.”

While this may or may not be a return to their “old” sound, it certainly looks as they’re taking it back to 1992. I’m stoked!

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