Grimetime premiere music video for “Verse / Chorus / Fuck you” (ffo: Descendents)

California based punk rockers, Grimetime, have just released a new video for “Verse / Chorus / Fuck You” off their debut album, I Think We Could Do Better, which was self released by the band in October of last year. Oh wait, what? It’s a premiere!? You can check that out here, first, then… below

For the album release, the owner of Ukiah Brewing Co. made up a special batch of appreciation just for the band, the Grimetime IPA. Giving credit to the beers potency, he shows up in the video a wee-bit sauced, and it’s nothing but love he’s spreading!!

Grimetime is Brian Klovski on vocals and guitar, Dustin Jordan on guitar, Jarred Skaggs on Drums, and a guy named Crispy bringing you the loosey-goosey boom-string babble on Bass. I’m not sure if they like romantic walks on the beach but they are currently working on songs for a second album and booking shows around their northern-Cali hub in 2019.

Directed by Lou Kelly, the video showcases the bands cramped practice space in a song about girls, and how ya’ll (that’s right, take in my TX heritage!) are frustrating. But, it’s ok, ladies. The real homies know that us boys can be equally as bad, if not worse.

Or maybe I should say this song’s about relationships, and how WE ALL need to learn to pull our heads out of our asses and recognize a beautiful disaster when we see one. Enjoy!



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