Guttermouth lead singer Mark Adkins gets ass kicked at his own show

Gnarly.  That’s what this story is.  Apparently Guttermouth lead singer, Mark Adkins, was too punk rock for his own good at a show Guttermouth played with Pulley recently in Ventura, California.  Thanks to Kevin for sending this story in.  He witnessed the event first hand so I’m just going to publish the story from his own words:

The problems started when the P.A cut out during Pulley’s set. Then it worked, then it didn’t, then it worked, then it didn’t. Shit happens. Pulley took it well and ended the set with music. Pulley was really good. Then guttermouth came on. P.A worked at the start but cut out fairly soon after. Lead singer got pissed and raged off stage almost getting in a fight with someone in the pit. He left. He came back 10 minutes later after the PA began working again. Long story short… started flippin everyone off and then called the crowd “a bunch of homos dressed in black.” Soon after he leaned toward the crowd to begin singing and they pulled him in. Hard. Landed on his head and I’m pretty sure they stomped on his head. Show was over. As I walked out i saw Mark sitting with a super bloody face. Just thought the Dying Scene should know.

Anybody else see this go down?

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  • hah I love these types of stories every now and then.

  • He almost got his ass kicked in NYC in a similar situation…he ran from the stage when a fan (a girl) came after him for saying almost the exact same thing….hopefully this taught him a lesson.

  • I saw it all go down too!! It was nuts!! My boys & I were finishing our beers in the entry way of the Golden Tiger & Mark went ballistic!!! He just kept saying how he wanted his f***ing money so he could get the hell outta there!! definitely had a huge “Rockstar Ego” last nite… we knew it was only a matter of time before he lost it,again! Sure as shit the PA cut out again & he was screaming at the crowd.. Some girl got on another mic & told him to “shut the f**k up,you f**king a**hole”, he told her “F**k you,you f**king b***h”..Then you just saw some guys hand grab him off the little fencing he was standing on & he was done!! I think Guttermouth played 3 or 4 songs & the show was over!! PULLEY was AMAZING, even with the PA problems =)

  • This doesn’t surprise me at all. Mark has always been the antogonistic type, part of what makes their shows so much fun. But as the years go by, he just sounds like he’s losing touch with his fans. I mean, who calls their own fans “pussies?” When I saw them at Warped Tour in 2009 he kept saying things like “We’re the most punk rock band on this tour.” Sorry, Mark, but I think NOFX and Bad Religion were wearing the crown that year. When I was at the merch booth buying a t-shirt one of the Guttermouth guys came over to the tent, I asked him why they didn’t play Asshole and he said “that song sucks.”

    I see Guttermouth losing what is left of it’s fan base in the not so distant future if they keep interacting with their own fans in such a manner.

    • i was the merch guy at their booth for the warped dates in 2009. i remember you coming up to the booth and i was the one that said they didn’t play it cuz it sucks. fact is, i was kidding. that being said, they did play asshole and i am 110% sure of that because it is a fan favorite and their entire set that tour was fan faves. like my other comment, get your facts straight next time, kids.

      • Nice try, buddy. But the entire crowd was chanting for Asshole and Mark said “we’re out of time.” I was there for the entire set, so don’t try to tell a different story. It’s easier for a person to remember what didn’t get played for the ONE set that they saw then it would be for someone to remember what did get played for one particular show when there were multiple. If you WERE kidding, you sure do a horrible job of it. If you remember so vividly then perhaps you can tell me which show it was… I nearly asked for a refund for my shirt because of your attitude. Way to represent the band, bro!

  • Btw, at the end of Cinema Beer Te there is a live video with Mark inviting each and every one of his fans to kick hiss ass if they ever got played on KROQ. Well, around 2000, “She’s Got the Look” got airplay…

  • Although I was too young to even know about the show, I live in the city where the now infamous “public indecency” incident happened where Mark exposed himself on stage and some girls mom threw a huge tantrum and they got banned from playing in Canada for a while. Apparently he had an “I hate Saskatoon” shirt made up. I’d love one of those. This guy is just a train-wreck.

  • Let me first say, I have been a huge Guttermouth fan since I was like 16 (pushing 30 now). I was at this show, and grew up in that town, and that neighborhood. Not everyone there is like that. A lot of us are true punk rock fans and were excited to see the show. A girlfriend of mine told me about it last minute, and I was there.

    The problem was twofold:

    1) Mark was definitely being a jackass, and talking more shit than he should have in the neighborhood he was in. That part of Ventura doesn’t do well when alcohol is involved and people start talking shit. I have been to a lot of Guttermouth shows, and I know that’s the deal… and the banter can be fun… but know your audience dude. I saw that coming during the first song when he started throwing a fit because the PA didn’t work, I knew exactly where it was headed, and sure enough, he got his ass kicked.

    2) As I said, I grew up in that neighborhood, and there are a bunch of tough guys that go to parties, bars and punk shows and like to beat people up to prove their own sense of self worth. In Marks defense, he didn’t deserve to get pulled of the stage and have his head stomped. It was just a little shit talking at a punk show – thankfully I have heard he is doing okay… nothing too critical, but it could have been a lot worse.

    People need to fucking remember that punk is about unity. Both mark, and the part of the audience that eat him up are at fault.

    Lesson for Mark: Know your audience before you start talking shit like an entitled pre-madonna rock star in the wrong neighborhood.

    Lesson for Tough Guys in Ventura: Grow the fuck up and get some purpose in life

  • Just so you all know, The PA was working…The Mic he had did Not & another mic that worked got handed to him. There is a video of it. U all should see it. Guttermouth is awesome He should of just played longer. As for him getting Jumped. Not true…He got pulled off the stage by someone. No harm no fowl. When u comin backl to ventura Mark? They still love ya. Mike Lopez You the Man . Keep bringin the Noize

  • TRUE STORY: June 2010 I went to a Guttermouth show at Whiskey Dicks in South Lake Tahoe, CA. It’s a really small venue so there weren’t very many people there. After one song he said, “Fuck this” and walked off stage. Everyone started booing and after like 10 min he got back on stage and started playing again. After the show Mark was outside smoking and as a complete joke my boyfriend offered him drugs (not telling which ones) to play another set. Mark was like , “yeah man sounds good, meet me over there in 15 min.” Yeah right there is now way he would have done a freaking encore, hehehe. My boyfriend and I took a cab back to our hotel room and called it a night. I think he is such an ass because he probably uses anything and everything what and he has to be “punk”. :0) I still love the music but Mark needs to get off his high horse and quit being such an asshole. But hey he has an image to protect. hehehehehehe All in all it was a bad ass show and I will see Guttermouth again.

    • i was at this show as a roadie and former merch bitch. in fact, i was at the last 4 whiskey dick’s shows. mark didin’t stomp off stage one song in, there was a problem with the monitors and he waited til it was fixed. he also doesn’t smoke, never has, and loves to talk shit on road trips about the members of the group that light up when we stopped. i was standing next to him when you guys offered him drugs and remember clearly how we made fun of you when you left because it was obvious you were being facetious and we played along. get your facts straight before you post about this shit.

  • punk is not unity, it is rebellion. Fuck the rules.

  • he used to wear a spit suit since people would spit on him. it’s the way guttermouth has been and will always be. he aims to piss you fans off and that is awesome! they played with AFI once or twice and they even went as far as making rainbow AFI beanies for sale. i laugh that people think he needs to cool it. sure they haven’t put out a good record since gorgeous but still fun to see him piss off everyone and everything.

  • isnt this what punk rock is all about? anti-conformisism?

  • saw Gmouth in Breckenridge the other night, amazing show. Mark was pretty fuckn cool, shaking hands with everyone at the end of the night. he was giving epitaph and fat wreck shit as well which i thought was hilarious. Being the only punk show we get here in breck i cherished every minute, everything else is jam bands and electronic shit….. so depressing

  • They’re not the only punk band that throws little hissy fits nowadays either. Joe Queer from the The Queers is a tottal asshole too. Plays short sets – Walks away from you when you’re trying to talk to him. And I think a lot of these 90’s punk bands are pissed off because their following has died off significanly and they’re not getting payed as much as they used to. So now they’re just going through the motions. Rancid. The Dwarves. All of ’em.
    Don’t get me wrong, i love all of these bands, but they’re simply just losing steam and are just doing it for the money. They don’t give a fuck about there fans or if they sound like shit when they play live.

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