Guttermouth stream new single “Mail Order Bride”, announce new EP “New Car Smell”

California punks Guttermouth are streaming a brand new single called “Mail Order Bride.” The song is one off of a new upcoming EP titled, New Car Smell. In explaining the subject matter of the new track, singer Mark Adkins says:

This hymn of soon to be biblical proportion is not just some fabrication stemming from my frontal lobe. Life lessons and especially lessons of love- good or bad- come in many forms. For me the only constant is failure. Too many heartaches to count, thus pushing me to try a dating system and it’s as easy as the click of a mouse, swipe of the card and poof!!! The girl or man of your dreams arrives at your home or place of business via UPS (Customs permitting.) Mail Order Bride is not a gender-biased song. Just change the lyrics from girl to boy and you too can have and hold your very own spouse by mail. Ladies and gentlemen give this song a listen and your lonely self a chance. Good luck!

You can listen to the new tune below.

New Car Smell is scheduled for release on November 25th through a collaboration between Rude Records and Bird Attack Records.

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