Hunter, side project featuring members of Moneen and Alexisonfire, forced to change their name

If you’ve got children or old people in the room, now would be a good time to shield their eyes…

In one of my favorite “this is why I love punk rock” stories from recent memory, it appears that the band Hunter has been forced to change their name. If you aren’t familiar with Hunter, they are a pseudo-supergroup featuring Kenny Bridges and Eric Hughes from the band Moneen and Jordan Hastings from Alexisonfire.

Anyway, the band apparently were taken to court over the use of their name. Rather than pursue the matter to no end through the court system, the band decided to choose a new name, and only had to change one letter to do so. Their new name is…wait for it…Cunter. Click here for their awesome official announcement, taken from the band’s blogspot page.

Cunter’s debut album, allegedly titled “some f’n A-hole tried to sue us and made us change our name,” will be released in June, just as the band embarks on a tour with A Wilhelm Scream.

we are proud, scared, angry, pissed, happy, excited, depressed and over joyed to announce that the band you have known as HUNTER is now called CUNTER.

After going through a piss eating contest of name rights. we realized that the man was going to bring us down.
We pleaded and begged for other parties to understand we are doing this for the love of punk and would never want to step on the beautiful toes of a cover band.
But they would have none of that.

Bush had X…We have CUNTER.

We are excited to push on and start a new identity with a name I would never want to tell my own mother.
The first step of Cunter will be to release what was known as “20”…and will now be released as “some F’n A-hole tried to sue us and made us change our name”
This will be released in CD format with special limited packaging just in time for the tour with A Wilhelm Scream happening mid June.

We are sorry about having to change our name…but are not sorry what so ever for changing it to Cunter.

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