Interview: A Quickie With Cavalcade

If there is one band you believe the hype about this year then make it Melbourne’s Cavalcade.  These guys have a special brand of melodic hardcore / punk (whatever you kids want to call it) and are well known for their amazing live sets.  The four piece are about to drop a split with fellow Melbournians, Strickland, and we spoke to Dan and Guy about what it is that makes these guys so great which might have something to do with the crazy things that have happened to Cavalcade while on the road.  You can download their killer track, “Young Livers, Old Hearts” for free here and check out the full interview here.

Firstly, and most importantly, who are we speaking to?

Dan (Vocals, Bass) and Guy (Guitar)

Tell us a little bit about your bands history.

We started in 2010, and since then have played close to 100 shows all over the country, with a bunch of bands we love and respect, and are about to release a split E.P with another Melbourne band, Strickland, which will be our first release since our original demo.

As a small band, with limited time, funds and real lives, what is the most difficult part of being in a band?

Probably the fact that we are a small band with limited time, funds, and real lives haha!

On the flip side, what’s the best part about being in your band?

We are a family. Our band is so much more than just some dudes who play music together. We’ve seen each other go through a bunch of shit and have stuck by each other through thick and thin and I think that’s something that really shows when you hear our songs.

Describe your live show in 3 words.

Drunk. Sweaty. Loud.

What made you want to place this genre of music in the first place?

For Dan it was definitely watching the music video for ‘Same Old Story’ by Pennywise, and for me it was pretty much going to the Livid festival and seeing bands like Strung Out, Dropkick Murphy’s and Unwritten Law playing in such a huge venue and seeing so many people losing their minds over those bands.

Tell us a bit about your latest release?
It’s a split E.P with a pretty rad Melbourne pop punk band Strickland; we each contributed 3 new songs and one cover of each other’s songs for it.

Who did you record this with? Why?

Our other guitarist Damien, because he’s a legend. It was mixed and mastered by Fred Really in Sweden, because we liked the work he’d done for some friends’ releases.

What is different about this album compared to your last?

This is our first release since our original demo, and quite a bit has changed since the recording of that. This has the first song written after I (Guy) joined the band, the first song we wrote with Aaron, who’s been drumming for us since mid-way through last year. It’s also a lot faster, and darker than the original demo had been. It’s definitely more of the four us writing together, as opposed to Dan and Damien writing mostly everything.

What was the most random/crazy thing that happened to you on this/your last tour?

Guy had a slight breakdown on the drive up to Sydney a few weeks back. He’d been up for 27 straight hours and then drove was driving our van to Sydney. Everyone in the van except for him and our good friend Brad was sleeping, while they were driving with Slayers ‘Raining Blood’ blasting at a soothing 200 decibels, and we were just outside the snowy mountains, and all of a sudden he snapped. He slammed on the breaks and pulled over to the side of the road, woke everyone up, made them listen to a horribly depressing song and cried watching this sunrise. We made him stop driving after that haha.

What is one thing that’s happened on tour that you wouldn’t tell your mum about?

I definitely wouldn’t want any of our mum’s knowing that one time a certain member of our band may or may not of gotten drunk on a flight to Brisbane and had to pee in an empty can when we were stuck in a holding pattern above Brisbane airport for two hours….

Where was the worst place you had to sleep on tour?

There have been a few. Our old drummer Frank and I slept in Brisbane hospital one night after getting treated and had to get on a 6am flight back to Melbourne for work. Dan’s slept on a mattress on the floor of a rehearsal room above a bridal shop once, and we’ve shared a room with 9 or so other people before.

If money wasn’t an object, where would you take the band for a tour and why that place in particular.

Asia and possibly the states! Asia because of how awesome it is for punk bands over there, and the states, again, because with the size of the place, it would be possible to tour for a solid year and not double up on cities, which would be amazing.

What’s the best thing about being on tour?

It rules! I mean, you get to go to another city with some of your best mates, spend all day looking around record stores and shooting pool, then you get to play a show and have an absolute blast.

Where is the best place you’ve played and why?

It’s hard to say, really. The Arthouse was always an amazing night and a place we all loved playing; however, one of my favorite places to have played was in the lounge room at a house show with Luca Brasi, The Union Pacific and Army Of Champions. We played last and it was just a loose night, with naked people dancing up against us, and there were people skating in the kitchen, dropping in off the couches and face planting onto the tiles.

If you had to do a cover album of any one artist, who would it be?

Hot Water Music – Caution

What band, from any point in history, would you pick to cover one of your songs?

The Distillers. We’d love to hear what they could do with one of our songs!

Favorite “punk”/”non-punk” album?

Dan: The Lawrence Arms – The Greatest Story Ever Told & Bruce Springsteen – Nebraska

Guy: Lifetime – Jerseys Best Dancers & Tom Waits – Blue Valentine

What is each band member’s drink of choice?


What are you guys currently working on?

We’re writing for our first full length, which has been going really well, and are piecing together some tours for the later part of the year.

Outside of the band what can you be found doing?

Generally, you can find us at other shows, seeing our friends do some amazing things.

What are your thoughts on the current state of punk rock?

There have been so many amazing local releases over the last 18 months, and even though we’ve lost a few venues, there are some great spaces and new venues opening up who are so eager to welcome the punk rock scene. In its current state, it’s a very positive and exciting thing to be a part of.

Any final words to the readers of Dying Scene?

Thanks for asking us to be a part of this, and do yourself a favor, listen to Kill The Matador.

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