Interview: A Quickie With Vomit Bullets

With a song called “Red Sex” and a name like Vomit Bullets, you pretty much know what to expect, or maybe the surprise is that you don’t.  This four piece hardcore punk outfit hails from Brisbane, Australia and have just dropped their first EP, “Rad Mobile.”  We got to know the band better through their drummer, Ben Trotter who cites commercial radio and the 1992 movie, Encino Man as their major influences.  Check out the interview here.

Firstly, and most importantly, who are we speaking to?

My name is Ben, I play the drums in Vomit Bullets.

Tell us a little bit about your bands history.

We started in 2009 as a three piece with Ryan (Vocals) also playing bass, Richard on guitar and myself on drums. In late 09 we added our friend Steven on Bass so Ryan could focus on being a stand alone frontman. In early 2010 Steven became a Dad so he didn’t have enough time to commit to the band, so we searched for a new bass player. We found one, but he wears a mask, so we still have no idea who it is. He goes alright on the bass guitar though.

As a small band, with limited time, funds and real lives, what is the most difficult part of being in a band?

I guess time for practice is difficult. 50% of our band play in other punk bands in Brisbane (Mental Giants and One Man Down, check them out) so we make do with what we have.

On the flip side, what’s the best part about being in your band?

Playing live to fans and friends, it’s always a great feeling.

Describe your live show in 3 words.

Energetic party time.

What made you want to place this genre of music in the first place?

Had enough of other genres.

Tell us a bit about your latest release.

We have a new EP out called ‘Rad Mobile’ It has 6 songs and goes for 10 minutes.

Who did you record this with?  Why?

We recorded with Ben Thomson (Bad Day Down, The Blasted Heath) at his home studio ‘The Opus Den’. Our friends in Army Of Champions had recorded with him weeks earlier, and gave us the good word, so we booked in with him, and it all went smoothly from there.

How does the song writing process work for your band?

Ryan or Richard will come in with a new riff and lyrics to something they’ve been working on, then we just fill the songs out from there.

What inspired the album name?

A scene from 90’s comedy classic ‘Encino Man’
What is different about this album compared to your last?

We spent money on this one to help us sound better than we actually are.
How many songs did you write and how many made the album?

We had 9 songs. 6 made the cut.

Is there one song you guys have recorded that hasn’t made it to an album that you really thought should have?

Not really, we have a few we play live that aren’t on any releases, but they’ve never been recorded.

In reverse, is there a song on your album that, in hindsight, you think really shouldn’t be there?

Probably ‘Red Sex’. It’s a pretty dirty song, but it’s been floating around for 10+ years, but had never been recorded, so we just went ahead with it.

What/who are your biggest influences when writing?

Commercial Radio.

What was the most random/crazy thing that happened to you on tour?

We played in Proserpine in NQ one night, and for some reason, one of our members was running around laughing in the next door neighbours yard of the place we were staying. We still have no idea why.
What is your band’s best ‘on-stage incident’ story?

Probably the time Richard and I got too drunk before our set, and couldn’t play properly/at all. That was in our very early days. We definitely learnt a lesson there.
What is one thing that’s happened on tour that you wouldn’t tell your mum about?

I tell my Mum everything, she parties more than us!
Which one of you gets the most girls/boys on tour?

None of us, we are all in negative numbers on both fronts.
Where was the worst place you had to sleep on tour?

We’ve been lucky enough to be provided with decent sleeping facilities up to this point.

If money wasn’t an object, where would you take the band for a tour and why that place in particular?

Japan! The music fans there are crazy! Or Europe just because of the different amount of countries/places to play, and there is a great punk/hardcore scene over there.

What’s the best thing about being on tour?

The partying is great, but playing live to new faces is also awesome.

What is the one thing you won’t leave home without?

Wallet. It contains most of the essentials.

Where is the best place you’ve played and why?

Basement 243 (Now Crowbar) in Brisbane with The Decline, and a heap of our friends bands. That was a great night.

If you could share a stage with any band, from any point in time, who would that be and why?

I’m only answering this from my personal perspective. The Bronx, because they are ridiculously good live, and one of our biggest influences. It would be amazing to play a show with them.
If you had to do a cover album of any one artist, who would it be?

Kriss Kross.
What band, from any point in history, would you pick to cover one of your songs?

Sick Of It All
If you could collaborate with any musician, from any point in time, who would that be and why?

Dan Yemin


Favorite “punk”/”non-punk” album?

Again, a personal opinion, for punk it would be Strung Out ‘Twisted By Design’ and for non punk, I’m a big fan of Royal Crown Revue ‘Mugzys Move’.


What is each band member’s drink of choice?

If it’s got alcohol in it, we’ll most likely drink it.

What are you guys currently working on?

New songs and booking tours.

Outside of the band what can you be found doing?

Being a terrible salesperson.

What are three things the world should know about your band?

That we play music, we like to party, and we are all exceptional athletes……
What are your thoughts on the current state of punk rock?

I think it’s making somewhat of a revival at the moment, particularly in Australia. There were a few lan years, but now young punk rock bands are popping up all over the place.
Any final words to the readers of Dying Scene?

Please have a listen to our newish EP on our Bandcamp page.   Go to a local show, buy a CD etc. Be nice to everyone!

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