Interview: Dying Scene catches up with Rosaline

rosaline2Yesterday it was announced that Chicago post-hardcore/screamo act Rosaline will be releasing their new album The Vitality Theory this summer on newly formed label Good Fight Music.  On the eve of the big announcement Dying Scene caught up with the band to conduct a semi-professional interview (look at us!).  In it we cover everything from thoughts on the recent signing and coming release to the really hard-hitting topics like “best prank pulled on tour”.  Check it out here.

What’s the main message you are trying to get out through your music?

Thats a complicated question, each song really carries its own message ya know? Each song takes an emotion and abstracts it into musical form. Each song represents a time in a person’s life, most specifically ours, but we want it to be relate-able as well. It represents a time where you feel something, it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the exact incidence that was happening, but the feeling that you feel. Its abstracted into basically a musical form. Its all about abstraction.

What’s the best prank someone has pulled while you guys were on tour?

Well actually, this is kinda crazy… We were on tour once with a band called Skies Revolt and we basically had this whole war on the road.  It was a harmless war – more like a dirty fast food kind of war. We would be on the highway throwing milkshakes and condiment packets at each others vans at like 80 mph.  And then this one time they were at Dennys and we decimated their van with like relish and mayo and all this shit. It was so bad they couldn’t even get it off the windshield. So we ended up playing in Las Vegas and we accidentally left our van unlocked and their lead singer took a shit in our van!  It was disgusting but at least it was in a panda express box so we could get it out easier.

What made you guys decide to sign with Good Fight Music?

Ferret is re-branding their label and naming it Good Fight Music. Carl Severson is taking his whole entire staff and starting this new label called Good Fight. There’s a bunch of other great bands on the roster that we are starting off with so we are really stoked to be a part of it. It’s going to be bigger than anything we’ve ever done before.

I love John Wylie and Eulogy, but what happened was we kinda just outgrew them. We were still attending college when we were signed to Eulogy and we knew that if we were going to make this a full time career, make this our entire, 100% part of our lives we needed a lot more support and John at Eulogy understood that and we were able to work something out, so it was a pretty painless thing. I love those guys, and that label, I’ll definitely never say anything bad about them.

If you weren’t a member of Rosaline, where do you see yourself today career wise?

Well I (Madison) have a degree in business and communication. I guess if I wasn’t playing music I could still see myself working in the music industry; the other side of music, the business side of it. That’s really where I see myself. Working in the industry someway, somehow. Music is always going to be a part of my life. Whether Im playing in a band or whatever.

Some of the other guys all have different jobs and different things we have going on outside of music too.  But we are all in this because its what we love doing.

So you guys managed to stay in school and continue on as a band.  What would you say was the biggest challenge?

It basically makes you’re life constantly a full time job. You have to be able to flip switches between the two because, you do a lot of shit in college that just honestly doesn’t matter, there’s no way around it and so you just have to be able to end class and immediately start thinking about writing your record or something like that.

What cities and venues are you most excited to play on tour?

Honestly I don’t think any one city we are looking forward to more than another, we are looking forward to meeting friends and people and playing for crowds and playing in nice ass places. We are excited to go anywhere that people want to hear us.

So tell me about the new album you have coming out

We are releasing a new record on Good Fight Music and it’s called “The Vitality Theory”. That kind of has some significance because when you think about The Vitality Theory, it’s almost a theoretical model. Its not something that actually exists, but we are kind of creating it, a theory of survival, a theory of perseverance. Rosaline has taken a lot of hits in its time as a band, its gone through wars and battles and stuff, so we have developed this theory of vitality, and thats kinda what the album is all about.

Who’s the best band you’ve seen play live? And have you used anything from that band in your own live performances?

Absolutely, I (Madison) think everyone in the bands answer would be different but the best show I ever saw was The Bled in 2003. The only record they had released was Pass The Flask and it was actually at Warped Tour.  I had an all access back stage pass and I was on stage for The Bled set. I don’t know how young I was – I was pretty young and I mean it was just, to me, one of the craziest things I had ever seen in my life. I still think back to that day and want to really emulate that feeling.

Other than music, what would you say is a huge passion of yours?

We are all big Chicago sports fans, White Sox, Bulls, Bears…we are all big Chicago fans. I don’t know, I could say a billion different things.

So since you guys tour, you’re no stranger to fast food. What would you say is your favorite fast food meal out there?

I mean, I think we are pretty partial to Wendy’s because that dollar menu is pretty huge, ya know what I’m saying?

Was there one specific moment you can remember where you knew being a musician is what you wanted to do for the rest of your life?

One show I went to that really impacted me..  I (Nate) was 15 or something and I went to a basement show, and I saw Rise Against, it was right after their first record they released and Fall Out Boy opened for them, and nobody knew who they were and it was pretty badass. Rise Against is definitely one of my favorite bands and they just put on a sick, sick show. They played their 10 Year Anniversary show at the Metro about a month ago and it was pretty awesome. I dont know, that was a pretty cool thing for me, to be able to see these bands from Chicago that were really making a name for themselves. I just knew that was something I always wanted to do. Just the Chicago scene was always so fascinating to me.

What does a typical day at home entail for you?

Well first of all, I (Nate) dont wake up in the morning. Usually, waking up in the afternoon, hopefully my girlfriend made me food or something. Then I just spend a couple hours on the computer doing Rosaline stuff, whatever has to get done. Then I call some of the other guys in my band and make sure they are doing something… productive hopefully. And then I get some food and that’s pretty much it. Just band things… thats the end of the day.

What was it like doing the music video for “Culture Wars”? Are there more to follow?

Ya, definitely, thats a good question. I certainly hope so. We haven’t talked to the label about it or anything that far yet but we definitely plan on making another video. The last video was really low budget… it was just some of our friends helping us out, and it turned out to be pretty successful. We had a great time making it.  Hopefully this next video will be a bit more structured. I think videos are a big part of music now, you need to have that kind of multi-media thing going on to promote yourselves and we definitely plan on doing it again if we have a chance.

You’re stuck in an airport overnight, how do you occupy your time?

Well a couple of the guys would just smoke as many cigarettes as they possibly could, which is like 5 packs. I don’t know, we have weird ass conversations.  That’s what happens if you’re just sitting around with 6 dudes. You just start talking about weird random things that really no one should ever really talk about. That’s about it, that’s probably what would happen.

What is your ultimate goal with your music?

I just want to spread our music as far as we can. I want to be successful, I want to make this into a career. I think it would be cool to do everything.  I’m happy just playing music while people are still interested in what we are doing. I just hope we can keep doing that and keep building upon it. We have a great staff of people we are working with at Good Fight.  They are convinced they can make this more successful than we could have ever imagined so I mean, I’m down for anything really – just spreading what we do best.

Tell me about the future of Rosaline.

Well, we are hitting the studio in March and we are going to be there until mid April and pretty much in the short run we are just going to be recording this record, making it the best possible record we can. The songs we have written for it, I’m completely stoked on. This is absolutely some of the best music that I’ve ever been a part of so I just cant wait to get it out to everybody. And pretty much after that, we are dedicated to doing Rosaline and giving 100% to it.  We are going to be touring as much as we can. Just spreading our music anywhere and everywhere.

Anything else you’d like our readers to know?

A couple more things about the record, we are recording it at JTW Studios with Joel Wanaseck.  He’ll be doing the recording, he did our last record, A Constant North. Andreas will be mixing the record, he’s got a pretty huge list of bands that he’s done before, they are really sick so, we are stoked on that.

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