Interview: Jack and Alex of toyGuitar talk Texas, Fest, and their new record “Move Like A Ghost”

"in Nature"toyGuitar has been hitting the road pretty hard to promote their new record “Move Like a Ghost”. The acclaimed six song EP was released on Fat Wreck Chords earlier this year, and the band embarked on a lengthy cross country tour to share their new songs with the world. Following a string of west coast dates with label mate CJ Ramone, TG shot out to Florida to Play the 15th annual Fest in Gainesville , and are currently shaking off the hangover on the homestretch back to California.

Tonight, I was able to connect with Jack Dalrymple and the band’s new bass player Alexander Alcantera Alcantra-Kouninos before their set in Houston, Texas.

Check out the interview below.

BG – So Alex, you’re the new guy, right? What’s it like being in toyGuitar?

AK – Oh man it’s the worst, it’s way too cold in the van. It’s like, “Turn off the AC already”…. driving through the desert wearing jackets. No, obviously it’s been awesome. They are a great bunch of people and I’m fortunate to be able to hang and play music with them. I made some great friends.

BG – Tell me about Fest.

AK – It was pretty cool but i kinda enjoyed Pre-Fest more!

BG – Yeah, that looked pretty fun from what I was able to see on the internet.

AK – Oh, Fest was a shit show. Best part was hanging out with Jamie, Chris, and Jesse (Boss’ Daughter). I said I’d drink some more beers and do an interview with them, but then we all got too drunk. Musical highlights were a good Propagandhi set, PEARS, and Dead Bars. We got to hang out with the dudes from Vacation.

BG – You’re friends with Vacation?

AK – Oh yeah.

BG – Lucky.

AK – Yeah, those dudes are rad! Okay, Jack’s here now.

BG – Jack, wasssssssssssup?

JD – Wazzzzzzzuuuuuuuuppp?!

BG –  Jack, whats it like playing an event like Fest with both toyGuitar and Dead To Me?

JD – It was awesome, just too much music, man. Still tired.

BG – I bet. How many sets did you play this weekend?

JD – Six, between Pre-Fest and Fest.

BG – Dang. I’ll ask you the same question I asked Alex. What were some of the musical highlights from Fest?

JD – Vacation killed it, Mean Jeans are always fun, saw Toys That Kill, and a nice intimate set from Dead Bars.

BG – What kind of response have you been getting for the new songs?

Jd – It’s been a pretty rad response. Like, nobody leaves, man. I think.

BG – Ha, that’s good! So, this is the home stretch. How many shows are you playing in Texas?

JD – Yeah, so we’re in Houston tonight. We have one more show in Dallas tomorrow and then we’re leaving Texas. We had a great set in El Paso on our way out east. Played at Lovesprout in a small garage. Super fun. Played with a punk band, sweet ass hip hop group, and a stoner metal group.

BG – What shows are you most excited about on your way back home?

JD – We are excited to play at Alex’s Bar with Pansy Division. It will be great since it will be in Long Beach and I can see some more of my Decent Criminal brothers, and we are pretty sure that Pete Sosa will be attending…so thats cool.

BG – Well guys, thanks for taking a moment to let me know how you’re doing. Drive safe and have fun on the rest of the trip!

JD and AK in unison – BYYYYEEEEEE!

toyGuitar’s Remaining tour Dates:

11/2/16 – Dallas, Texas @ Curtain Club
11/4/16 – Prescott, Arizona @ Lyzzard’s Lounge
11/5/16 – Long Beach, California @ Alex’s Bar

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