Interview: John Barlow returns to Animalhaüs, talks recovery and band’s future

Like many bands, PA hardcore-punk outfit Animalhaüs has had its share of problems as a DIY, touring band, usually van related.  Last February, however, tragedy struck when vocalist John Barlow was involved in a serious car accident returning home from the band’s record release show.  His injuries forced him to step down from vocal duties while the band carried on with a temporary replacement in friend Paul Brown.  Today we’re very pleased to report that John has finally recovered enough to rejoin his compatriots in Animalhaüs.  We caught up with him to talk about his triumphant return and what Animalhaüs has in store for fans in the new year.

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About a year ago you were involved in a pretty serious car accident that ultimately forced the band to carry on without you. Can you tell us a little bit about the accident and your recovery process?

The accident was a bummer. It left me with a few scars and some changes; however, after seeing so many people pull together and help me get healthy again, I have never felt luckier in my life. My recovery should be considered a testament to how Pennsylvania hardcore is unique beyond words.

How involved with the band have you been since the accident?

I haven’t been very involved with the band in the past 8 months at all. I tried to show up to shows when I could, but that was always relative to my condition. The boys have continued to kill it regardless of whatever adversity was present.
Who filled in for you on vocals while you were out? And how was he received by fans?

Paul Brown has been singing for the band since I got hurt, but he has done much more as well. He helped the band cross over into new territory and has taken enormous strides to advance Animalhaüs. We are all thankful to have a friend like him.

In June, the band announced they were writing new songs. Were you involved in the writing?

We wrote a little when I was getting back on my feet. We’re going to strap in and really hit it hard in the month of November putting some songs together.

When can fans expect a new release?

We’re eager to release something as soon as possible. It’s going to take some work on our part to put it all together. Hopefully, we will not encounter the shit hurdles that have plagued the band since its inception.

What can fans expect in terms of a new album’s sound?

We’re going to stick to the formula. There’s nothing worse than hearing a record from a band you like and hearing some experimental, artistic turd.

Can you talk about buckles leaving? Whats the new drummer bring to the table?

Buckles will be missed greatly. His sense of humor is incomparable. He is a born entertainer, so he is pursuing an acting career as he should. Our guy, Jimmy, is taking over drum duty, and he fucking rules. He is a seasoned veteran in the game and will polish the shit turds of Animalhaüs.

What does rejoining Animalhaus mean to you?

I never left. Animalhaüs is family to me, so it means the world.

What is this Animal Curse?

The “Animal Curse” is a term we use to describe when things get fucky in the Animalhaüs camp. It seems we can’t go a year without some sort of retarded car wreck or van trouble. We’re not scared though. We’re from PA.

Animalhaüs released their debut album, “The Boys From Barley Hill,” on One Day Savior Records.

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