Interview: Masked Intruder discusses best things to steal, upcoming EP, favorite Fat releases

We recently got a chance to catch up with everyone’s favorite pop-punk criminals Masked Intruder during the Philadelphia stop of this year’s Fat Wreck Tour. We discussed the band’s input on some of the best items to “borrow”, their upcoming EP, and their favorite Fat releases of all time. Luckily enough I was able to walk away with my cell phone and credit card still in my pocket.

You can check out the full interview below.

Dying Scene (Drea): I hear you guys are supposed criminals. What is your favorite thing to steal or “borrow”?

Blue: That’s a good question. Basically the most valuable thing that you can find. A long time ago that used to be like VCRs or whatever. People don’t use them too much anymore. So like a Blu-ray player or something. But I like a good solid Xbox 360. We’re looking forward to the release of the Xbox One and the PS4.

Green: With the Xbox One and the PS4 coming out, that’s gonna be a real good time for us, because you know it turns out a lot of people already got the old systems now so they don’t want them so much anymore. The new systems are gonna be a really good pay day for us. You know, allegedly.

Blue: A lot of people think that you steal grandma’s jewelry right now, or whatever. And I’ll tell you right now, after having done that for a bit, allegedly, it’s not really worth that much usually. So what you really want to go for is basically like the supermarket sweep. So like a good cut of meat, some furniture or whatever. It could be anything really. You just have to roll with what you got.

Red: Sometimes it really depends on the timing, because sometimes you’re like real hungry. Sometimes like a slice of pizza might just be the most valuable thing, so you gotta steal a slice. [Police Sirens] Oh shit, oh shit. Alright it’s cool, I think they’re gone.

Did you guys get your masks in prison?

Blue: No,  we did not get them in prison, but we were allowed to wear them. Interesting sort of policy they got on ski-masks, people don’t know this probably, but you can wear those in prison. So we did, and that’s how we actually met each other. You know, you gotta get along with people in prison, which can sometimes be difficult. Sometimes you gotta meet people that are like you, so obviously we were wearing ski-masks or whatever, and that’s how we started the band.

Red: Not a lot of dudes in prison like pop-punk, so we were probably at odds with most of the people there.

Was it difficult to chose which color masks to wear?

Blue: Wasn’t really a choice.

Green: No more difficult than getting born.

Red: Yeah.

How did you wind up in the can anyway?

Blue: Got shafted.

Red: We were never there, and we did not do it. It’s not true.

Green: How does anybody end up in prison? It’s the system, they always make mistakes.

Blue: It’s broken.

Green: It’s a broken system, that’s right. Then you wind up in prison for stuff you didn’t do.

Blue: Someone forges your DNA.

Green: Yeah, you forge your DNA or something, and it’s like we have all this science, but maybe all the science is flawed. You ever think of that? Maybe I was just borrowing some stuff from a good friend of mine who I hadn’t met yet, but I know them, and we’re gonna be good friends eventually, but I just need to use some stuff of theirs, so it’s not my fault, right?

Many of your songs are about unrequited love. Are they ever difficult to perform live?

Red: Yellow, do you want to chime in on this one?

Yellow: No.

Blue: I wouldn’t say it is difficult, it is just cathartic or whatever. It’s like you got those heavy feelings in your heart and you have to get it out by singing it. So really, it’s sort of freeing in a sense, you know?

Any of the girls from prison?

Red: No girls in prison, not in boy prison.

Blue: Pretend girls sometimes.

Red: Depends on how long you’re in there. Their hair gets long and stuff.

Blue: It’s a game of make-believe. Like Muppet Babies, but more sexy. Less sexy. Or I don’t know.

Red: You got a little confused there Blue.

If you could add another Fat band to this tour, who would it be?

Red: Probably Me First And The Gimme Gimmes

Green: Yeah, they’re probably my favorite.

In between avoiding the cops and touring, do you guys have any plans for a future release on Fat?

Blue: Oh yeah, definitely. We got some stuff that is coming out pretty soon. We’re extremely excited about it, everybody is that has been involved in preparing for it. We’re stoked, it’s definitely coming down the pike.

Can you tell us anything about the songs?

Blue: Yeah, they’re gonna be fucking awesome.

Red: They’re tight.

Blue: We tried really hard to write them good.

One last question, what’s your favorite Fat release of all time?

Blue: I think for me maybe, NOFX “The Longest Line.” Anyone else wanna chime in?

Red: The first one that pops into my head is “File Under Black” by None More Black. I love that record. Also, maybe some of the Loved Ones stuff, because I like that stuff a lot too.

Yellow, do you have a favorite?

Yellow: No.

Green: It might sound weird for me to say this, but I can’t stop listening to Me First and The Gimme Gimmes’ “Love Their Country”. It’s not an old school album, or anything, but I just love it.

Anything you’d like to add for the readers?

Red: What are you doing later? Let’s hang out after this.

Blue: Just come out to the shows and party with us and keep your money loose in your pockets.

Thanks to Masked Intruder for taking the time to do this interview with us. Click here to see if the Fat Tour are coming near you anytime soon and make sure to pick up a copy of their upcoming Christmas 7-inch “Under The Mistletoe” from Fat Wreck Chords!

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