Interview: Penny Rimbaud and Steve Ignorant (CRASS) talk about history of the band, and how they might be forced into the courtroom

One of my favorite bands in the entire world, Crass, is currently having some issues. Vice Magazine recently published a hefty interview with founding members Penny Rimbaud and Steve Ignorant to discuss how far the band has come since their humble Dial House beginnings in the seventies. Fellow founders Pete Wright and Joy De Vivre abstained from participating in the interview. Crass is currently going through some turmoil with the release of remastered ‘bootleg’ material, and this has caused a rift between some of the nine members. Read the entire interview here.

Honestly, read the interview. If you have never heard of Crass, take the time to learn about one of the iconic groups that truly contributed to the ideals and values of ‘punk’ and DIY. If you have been a fan of Crass for years, I also suggest you read this interview, as you will learn some new things about the greats, along with seeing some great vintage images from live shows and life around Dial House.

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