Interview: Steven Fairweather (Gob) discusses how he joined the band, new music, and more

Hey punk fans, I recently caught up with Gob bassist Steven Fairweather and we discussed all things Gob, his radio show, Star Trek and a lot more.

You can check it out below!

Gob released Apt. 13 on August 26, 2014 through New Damage Records.

How’d you get involved with the band?

The guys produced an album for a band I was in in the late 90s called By a Thread. Over time, we became friends. Theo even house sat for my parents and that’s when they recorded and produced Muertos Vivos.

That’s awesome! It must have helped the chemistry in the band since you already worked together.

I really think it did. They were familiar with me as a player, on top of being good friends. I feel sometimes that’s even more important within a band at times. They asked me to join GOB when their original bass player left, but I was so busy getting that band By a Thread off the ground it didn’t seem like it was doable. A few years later, out on tour with the GOB guys, just hanging out… It was such a good time. It made me finally want to join, and I never looked back.

I’m surprised By a Thread didn’t get more off the ground. Your old band that was on Revelation Records. That’s a pretty iconic hardcore label. Seems like you’d run in some pretty cool circles and given your talent, it’s surprising that it wasn’t doable. I guess it wasn’t for that stalling out you wouldn’t be in GOB today.

Yeah, Revelation Records was a great label! They have so many great bands I always used to look up to! I still do, really. I feel I would have probably left By a Thread eventually. Like I kind of was saying, it’s about the relationships in the band. That means the most in the long view. I became close to Tom, Theo and Gabe. I’m thankful to be with the GOB guys.

So, “Apt. 13” is the only GOB record you’re on. Was it exciting to record with them? Did it feel different playing with them than it did when you’re making your mark on a record?

Yeah, I joined about 10 years ago, shortly after “Muertos Vivos” came out. I really felt at home recording with the guys, and it’s probably because it was!  By that I mean Tom, Theo and myself were all living in a house together by the ocean in Canada. We would wake up, go for a walk by the ocean, grab some tea and go to work on the album.

At that point, had you toured together? Was it hard to live together and record? Typically, when bands record, members have different ideas about what direction they want to go or what songs will work best on the record. But, there’s places they can go to let things cool down. If you’re living together, I imagine you don’t have that comfort. Then again, you live by the beach which must be a nice place to let loose on a hard day.

Yeah, we had played a bunch together before we sat down to do “APT 13”.  It was all pretty smooth, Tom brought in a bunch of songs and song ideas. We all sat around and voted on what ones we all liked the best and we got to work putting down the top tracks we voted on.

What vibe were you looking to have on the record? Did you have a sound in mind or themes you wanted to tackle?

Honestly, it’s just about having what you feel are the best songs. I think the album does have a flow to it. But at the end of the day, to just have the best songs, as solid as they can be made is the ultimate goal.

For sure. How much did you contribute to the songwriting process?

“Apt. 13” was a little different from how I think GOB usually did albums. On this one, Tom came to the table with dozens of songs, song ideas or full formed skeletons. We just added the muscle to them all.

It’s been four years since the record came out. Is there a new album in the works?

Yeah, for sure. Tom and Theo are always writing songs. When we can scratch out enough time, we will be getting back at it!

Do you write any lyrics or is your main role guitar parts?

I didn’t on “Apt. 13”. Tom is quite a wordsmith with his own songs. Tom and Theo will sometimes collaborate, but for me it was just straight bass duty.

Makes sense. Does Tom still play in Sum 41? If so, does that ever make it hard to go forward with GOB stuff?

Tom still does, yes. It just makes GOB have to be more strategic with our time, as Sum 41 is a busier band then we are.

Do you foresee GOB touring or recording in the near future?

Yeah, for sure. We hope to be getting out soon… Well I don’t know how much I can say, but the next tour might have a special anniversary theme to it.  Yes, an album to follow is the plan.

That’s so cool! You have a radio show. What’s going on with that?

I do ‘The Church of Steventology.’ It’s on 8ball Radio here in NYC. Its rad to just play any and all songs I’m feeling at the moment, and talk a little shit too. It’s on 2nd and last Thursday of every month at 4 Pm Eastern Standard Time.  Alternatively, you can go to for the old episodes.

Are you originally from B.C. How did you end up in NYC?

Over the years of visiting Tom here, I just really fell in love with the city. I decided to make the big move.

Nice!! On Wiki (which I know isn’t always reliable) it says that something on the tv show, Continuum is named after you. I kind of freaked out because I’m a TV addict and used to watch that show with my Dad. Is that true?

Haha no way!  Honestly, I’ve never seen the show but yes, the main character triggers some hidden psychiatric protocol program called “Mr Fairweather” that the writer said he named after me.  He’s from Vancouver also.

If you’re a tv addict, and into Sci-fi, I may have something else you’d dig?  Have you ever watched Star Trek Next Generation?

Yeah, of course! Battlestar Galatica too!

There was a guy on the show called “Q” he’s my cousin. John De Lancie is his name. I got the script for Q when I was a kid.

Ha! That’s rad! Any last words for the fans?

Just thanks for the interview. Check out the radio show on, along with all the music I’ve done, and keep an eye out for GOB!

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