Interview: Tom Petta (Bigwig) talks about upcoming album, Montebello’s Amnesia Rockfest and more

During a recent interview, Tom Petta of Bigwig discussed the band’s upcoming album, the delay between releases and more. Here’s a portion of the interview:

Reclamation is now over eight years old. When can fans expect a new album from you guys? If something is in the works right now, how would you describe the direction of the material?

I wasn’t expecting to have such a pause in record releases. A few years back I had an accident that ended up removing the top of my pointer (picking hand) finger clean off with no reattachment. After surgery, I basically had to relearn guitar on my right hand. I wasn’t willing to stop playing guitar for the band, so we took a break. My hand took a good two years to heal up enough to hold a pick and get back to proper shredding. During this time, we were writing as much as possible. We have 23 new songs and are working out some details. I’m not sure of any release date, but I can tell you that we are VERY focused on getting into the studio as soon as possible, with or without a record label. The new material, musically, isn’t far from our last releases. The songs we are working on now are a balanced mix of blazing fast melodic riffs to some darker slower tunes. Same ole’ here in the dirty Jerz!”

We’ll keep you posted as more details on the record come to light. Bigwig’s last release, “Reclamation,” came out in 2006 on Fearless Records.

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