Introducing Shoplifters: Serbian flavored Husker Du/The Replacements

As a native Minnesotan, if I don’t admit to liking either Husker Du (I can’t be bothered to copy/paste umlauts, piss off) or The Replacements, some smug flannel-clad asshole from Northeast Minneapolis will probably put down his microbrew long enough to hop in his Subaru (complete with 89.7 The Current sticker in the back window), drive to my neighborhood, and beat me with a rolled up copy of City Pages while blithering on about hotdish and grey ducks.

Sorry, shit got real local there for a hot minute.

But seriously, Serbia’s Shoplifters are great if you dig that sound (toss in some Dag Nasty for good measure). Their EP, “Forgivers,” will be released on November 13th via White Russian Records. You can pre-order it at White Russian’s bandcamp page, and stream the whole gosh-darn thing below, dontcha know.

I hate myself.

[bandcamp width=610 height=274 album=391681578 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=e32c14 artwork=small]

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