Album Review: Iron Chic – “The Constant One”

Since the release of Iron Chic‘s last album ‘Not Like This’, fans have waited patiently for another helping of the Long Islander’s own unique brand of impassioned punk rock. Their 2010 debut was well received, no surprise given the band\’s knack of penning thought provoking and memorable songs. And as the new album, released on Bridge Nine Records shows, it has been well worth the wait.

As the album begins with the relaxing sound of waves and gulls caught in the reverb, you just get the feeling that proceedings are going to go well; And as next track ‘Bogus Journey’ testifies, you were right. Iron Chic should have perhaps used the other of Bill and Ted’s journeys to describe it! The track is excellent and with its galactic themed content it acts as a perfect companion track to fan’s favorite ‘ Time Keeps On Slipping Into The (Cosmic) Future’. What’s out there? Why are we here? Who knows, but listening to the band ponder these questions is a lot of fun indeed. A truly bodacious start.

Next track ‘(Castle) Numbskull’ is Iron Chic at their most subdued, and while it works well, it’s tracks like ‘Wolf Dix Road’ and ‘Don’t Drive Angry’ that really get the blood flowing and the fists pumping. Another instant song and the album’s first single ‘Spooky Action At A Distance’, is not only amongst the band’s best tracks to date, but now benefits from an 8-bit intro that when listened to helps you imagine the band jumping on mushrooms and collecting stars. Or something.

Iron Chic’s sound can at times seem formulaic, but it’s a winning formula. Each and every song has heart and meaning; Some are more ambiguous than others but all do what good songs are meant to, they come alive and stay with you long after you stop listening. It takes all band members to make Iron Chic quite as good as they are but the combination of vocalist Jason Lubrano and guitarist Phil Douglas really does help to deliver the melodic punk goods with aplomb. If ‘The Constant One’ isn’t on your top ten albums of the year, then you haven’t heard it yet. Stunning.

4.5/5 Stars

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