Japanese website NHK World releases a documentary on Myanmar’s punk scene

The NHK World (a Japanese international broadcasting service) website has released a 30 minute documentary detailing the rise of the punk scene in south-east Asian nation Myanmar. You can watch the video in English here.

The description provided for the documentary is as follows: Just 1 year ago in Myanmar, the National League for Democracy led by Aung San Suu Kyi was formally elected, freeing the country from the grip of a 50-year military reign. During the past regime, punk music had emerged as an underground medium to protest the government’s authoritative rule. However, new social problems have grown visible under the current government. In the midst of Yangon’s economic growth, harsh income gaps and joblessness are major obstacles, giving modern punk music a new perspective for their voice of protest. In this episode, we follow the activity of The Rebel Riot, a punk band in Myanmar addressing social issues through song, and working to help the country’s disadvantaged citizens.

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