Jaret Reddick (Bowling For Soup) announces “Jaret Goes To The Movies” podcast

Like movies? Like listening to people talk about movies? Like Bowling For Soup? Well this is going to be a perfect storm of awesome for you.

Jaret Reddick, perhaps best known as longtime frontman for Bowling For Soup, has launched a brand new podcast. Entitled “Jaret Goes To The Movies,” the show features Reddick and his buddy Rich, you guessed it, watching movies! Allow Reddick to (slightly) elaborate:

Basically, #jaretgoestothemovies is a podcast…ME and my friend Rich watch a movie that is classic to us…Or to one of us….We drink beers and talk about the movie!
That’s it!
We discuss the opening scene, the cast, memories the movie brings, trivia, special effects…Basically, EVERYTHING…
We aren’t reviewers…Just dudes that like movies!

The first two episodes of “Jaret Goes To The Movies,” which find the duo talking about “Back To The Future” and “National Lampoon’s Vacation” respectively, are available here.



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