Jason Briggs releases statement regarding German venue collective’s beef with Scientology

Jason Briggs has released a statement in response to recent events involving a German promoter and venue refusing to back the The Briggs‘ upcoming German/Austrian tour due to Joey Briggs’ ties with Scientology.

Here’s what Jason had to say about the whole ordeal:
With regard to Ox’s decision to vehemently violate our religious and human rights (can you say “attempted” semantic rape?):

Evidently, prejudice and persecution are very alive and extremely well today. To witness the existence of such imbecilic ridicule and uninformed judgment in times of alleged awareness is quite nearly unthinkable. Alas, such is the case.

Open wide all ye robots and prepare to be spoon-fed yet an additional helping of utter lies and ignorant propaganda from the “powers that be,” be they press, politicians, parents or just plain ol’ assholes. We’d like to encourage you to think twice about what you read; we believe there is yet a speck of humanity in this seemingly ever-declining human race. And we have faith that our fans and fellow artists are among those intelligent enough to see past the wool that’s being forced upon their eyes.

Our stance, for the record: We support and encourage tolerance for all. That said, our sentiments to Ox, ELW and all of the pathetic pawns involved: Thank you for another load of inspirational writing fodder. It may very well come in handy for our next record.

Peace and love,
The Briggs

The band is currently working on a new album, the follow-up to 2008′s “Come All You Madmen” released on Side One Dummy Records. No release date has yet been set.  The band most recently released a new single entitled “Panic” on Itunes May 1st.

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