Jim Lindberg says Pennywise has been talking about recording a new album with him

In a recent interview with The Bulletin, Jim Lindberg stated that he and his bandmates in Pennywise have discussed the possibility of recording a new album together, which will be their first with Jim (who rejoined the band last fall) on vocals since 2008’s Reason to Believe. He states:

“We’re talking about that. It’s very important to me that, if we’re going to make music together, we have to be on the same page. That was one of the many unspoken problems I was facing before; we had become very distant in the songwriting process. It just got to the point where people would bring in their own songs and instead of the collaboration we pretended it was, people would just bring in finished songs and the other guys would play them. That wasn’t cool. We had strayed from what it meant to make music together. It gets harder to go to that well and have it be fruitful collaboration. But I know we can get back to that. We just have to remember what we loved about playing music. It wasn’t about selling records or filling venue seats. It was about playing rad music together.

Pennywise’s latest album, All or Nothing, was released last May on Epitaph Records and is, so far, their only recording with Zoli Teglas from Ignite. Their last recording with Jim Lindberg on vocals was 2008’s Reason to Believe, released a year before his departure.

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