Joey Cape (Lagwagon) to launch record label One Week Records

Lagwagon frontman Joey Cape recently announced in an interview with New Noise Magazine that he plans to launch a digital only record label called One Week Records. His first release on the label will be from Brian Wahlstrom (who you may recognize from the Tony Sly tribute and Scorpios). Here is a portion of what the Caper had to say:

But the label thing I just wanted to mention because I’m so excited about it and I’ve had to keep my mouth shut about it forever. What I decided to do was just do a digital-only label and what I love to do is I love to produce records. I don’t like to package records and ship them. It’s just, it’s not fun. Nobody wants to do that. It’s nice to have physical copies and I would be remiss not to mention I love vinyl. So it’s sad to say that I’m going to do a digital-only label. But how I justify it is that I’m doing an event-type label. I’m doing a label that’s going to be something like a BBC session. It’s more of an event. I have people come to my house and if they come for one weekend, we do three songs and we call it a ‘one weekend record.’ If they come for a week, we call it a ‘one week record’ and we record ten songs. We sell the record in digital format for half of the amount of songs on there, so a ten-song record’s $5.”

You can read the full interview, in which Joey also announces plans to put out a solo album from Flatliners frontman Chris Cresswell, right over here.

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