JT Woodruff (Hawthorne Heights) displays woodworking skills, announces new solo album

JT Woodruff, frontman for Ohio emo rockers Hawthorne Heights, apparently has some sick woodworking skills, and he’s got a brand new solo album to prove it. Confused yet? Read on…

Woodruff has announced pre-order details for his new solo album. Entitled “Ghost Coastal,” the album will be released later this year via all of the regular avenues. But it seems he’s also got an extra-special, limited edition option cooked up. Here’s what Woodruff himself has to say:

All I can say is that it is made of a piece of wood. The piece of wood is the size of a CD Cover. The piece of wood will be spray painted by my hand, using a special design. There will be different colored ones, and the colors will be at random. There will be a regular compact disc fashioned to this piece of wood. And the face of this CD will be a hand written message from me to you. I am the manufacturer. These will be made individually, not mass processed like slices of cheese. You will get my time, my heart, and my undivided attention. I will be making this specifically for you…

Click here for more details on the project, and to get your own copy.

Woodruff’s last release was his debut solo album, “Heavy Heavy Heavy Heavy Heart.”

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