Kyle Trocolla of Kyle Trocolla And The Strangers talks about his new album The Moon USA

Let it be known I am a big fan of Kyle Trocolla‘s work, I have every Two Fisted Law album and have seen TFL at least 8 times. When he came out with his solo album The Stranger in 2016 I thought it was one of the finest acoustic albums I have ever heard and this week I was totally stoked to catch up with him to chat about his most recent album The Moon USA.

Read what he had to say below.

DS: Please Kyle tell us a little about the creation of your latest album The Moon USA

Kyle: The Moon USA was kind of a natural evolution from my solo record “The Stranger”
After touring pretty relentlessly for two and a half years on my own I really wanted to play with a full band again. Even when I was writing the songs that eventually became “The Stranger” I was writing them for a full band. Kyle Trocolla and The Strangers came together to give the songs a try the way I always imagined them. The new record is the first that I’ve written with Jeremy Zombii who I’ve been touring with for about two years. Learning to write with someone new is always an interesting process. We wanted the record to have a different sound than Two Fisted Law but to have the same from the heart feel of the Stranger. We wanted a big sound that was on the more rock n roll side of punk rock.

DS: How would you compare it to your previous solo work and your long career with Two Fisted Law?

Kyle: We have a really hard time putting it into just the right corner of the record store when asked questions like this. The record is still rooted in punk rock similar to that of Two Fisted Law, but we aren’t sure it’s really a punk rock record. Lyrically I feel it pulls pretty universal themes from very personal places for me, similar to my solo work. Everything I write will always be influenced by everything I learned from my time in TFL but I think this record is something different.

DS: Tell us a little bit about fan reaction to the new album, and if you like has there been any feedback from your Two Fisted Law fans and solo album fans?

Kyle: Some Two Fisted Law fans see me as doing something cliché, from a Hard Times article: “Punk rock Journeyman puts out solo acoustic record, then starts your name and the So and So’s band”. Which in all honesty I am totally doing. Fans of TFL who really listen to it have loved it. Fans of the solo record can now hear some of those songs the way I imagined them when I wrote them and have said they enjoy them in a completely different way. What I hope is that fans of both hear what they loved about the old stuff and find something new to love about this record, because I think it’s different from anything I’ve done before.

DS: Tell us a little about your recent cross country tour.

Kyle: We hit the road for about 15 days in July. We were in 14 different cities from Pittsburgh to Denver. Being on the road is what all of us live for really, new people in new cities, old friends in the places we have been before. This tour was a little of both. We were on the road with our friends in Zombii who have a new record coming out this fall. While our music is definitely rooted in punk rock we think that it fits with lots of different genres and certainly played with tons of different bands on this tour from metal bands, to folk to some really fun weird bands that don’t fit any genre. Our tours are still very DIY and that means we get to meet great people who let us sleep on their couches and also means a lot of overnight parking lots. One of the things that still amazes us is that in this big country of ours the music scene still feels very small and tight knit from coast to coast. We lost a couple shows along the way and through friends we have met on the road on previous tours we didn’t miss a day and every show was great.

DS: Anything you’d like to share like tours or projects coming up in the next few months or the new year?

Kyle: We are planning an East Coast tour right now for late fall early winter, sometimes you just gotta run away from New England winters. Right now we are really focused on sharing these new songs with as many people as we can. We are really proud of the songs and the record and as a relatively new band we just want to introduce ourselves and meet as many new people as we can.

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