Top Drawer Records

The initial idea was to unload some of the early 90’s vinyl sitting in my basement, but then I thought it would be fun to be in a band again, and started Date Night with Brian.  Brian Foss said that we should record some songs, that way it would be easier to book us.  So, we did a demo, and then thought: why not put out an EP?  So we made the first Date Night with Brian Record.  Then we got a few shows, mission accomplished.  In the process we noticed there are a lot of great pop punk bands in Seattle, and thought we should do a compilation to document all these great bands, so then we did 14 Soda Punx LP and a festival to release it: The Seattle Pop Punk Festival.  Then, it was a 7” for Denny’s new band The Drolls, then it was a 7″ for Lisa Marr and The Tranzmitors and now it seems I’ve got a new band The Subjunctives and of course we’ve got an LP out with a 2nd LP on the way and all kinds of t-shirtsstickersposters, and buttons now…

Oh for crying out loud, I have a record label again.

-Ean Sicko