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5FeetUnder Records Bio:

5FeetUnder Records is a Danish DIY record label. The label has no employees – only a bunch of creative volunteers who do whatever they can, whenever they can. The label has no boss or owner and no one involved has a definite role; everyone who feels he/she has any contribution to make is free to help out.

The label deals in non-profit and every dime the label generates goes into producing new records and other closely related projects (such as setting up shows and parties for the bands and volunteers). Because of the minimum amount of money involved in the label, 5FeetUnder Records can not fully finance your record. However, if we dig what you are doing, 5FeetUnder Records can help co-releasing and distributing, promote, book shows and use our experience and skills as much as we can to assist you.

We work for free and only ask that we get our logo on your release and are able to resell your release from our web shop.


  1. nuclearsalt
    nuclearsalt2/22/2013 1:16 PM | Permalink

    what does a band need to know about how to get on you’r lable. and yes i know you can’t suck thats not the answer i’m looking for. how do you submit a band for concideration

  2. Kerong68/6/2016 3:56 AM | Permalink

    I’m your big fan!

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