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90Five Records Bio:

90Five Records is the latest distribution label to emerge from New Brunswick, NJ’s storied music scene as well as an artistic initiative realized by myself, Max Giaccone, and my business partner, Steve Blish, that is committed to spreading the sonic composition of the independent Garden State Punk artist.

As regular performers in various Hub City venues, the same community building ideology and cooperative principals that are the life blood of our basement dwelling
society have been ingrained within this organization, placing its focus on the music and those creatives flying under the 90Five Records banner instead of the almighty dollar that drives many ventures of this kind

Riches and fortunes are not why we create music, nor will it be at the heart of why we work with you. Supplying the world with the music we believe in, created by musicians we hold in the highest regard: that is our business, it is what fuels us, it is the mission of 90Five Records.

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  1. Kerong68/6/2016 3:58 AM | Permalink

    One of the best band ever

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