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A Jam Records Bio:

A Jam Records is a Florida based independent record label out of Miami/Orlando. Primarily focusing on punk and hardcore but open to the variety of today’s underground music. A Jam is devoted to the artist, music and the fans. The amount of good music out is overwhelming and music listeners deserve to hear it. A band’s creativity should never be pushed away because their lack of a certain fan base, or quantity of followers on their social media pages. Our goal here at A Jam Records to artists/bands is that we want you to succeed, we want your songs to be heard, and we want to open the ears of listeners to new music!

A little history on A Jam Records is that it is the proud working of Joe Koontz of Against All Authority and Dave Santos of Guajiro. Joe Koontz grew up in South Florida and is the guitarist/co-founder of Against All Authority. Starting from basic beginnings in a garage to later having toured all over the states and the world with the success of multiple albums and a strong & loyal fan base, Joe with Against All Authority has had his fair share in the music industry. Joe has played in various other bands also along the way and continues to put out music. A Jam Records came about as a result of this. The first release on A Jam Records was Joe’s very own MC1, a garage-punk one man band. The album is the EP “City Wide Destruction”. Later he also released his follow up full length, the self titled “MC1”.

In 2017, Dave Santos, who also played in some bands along with Joe (Guajiro, La Vieja Guardia, and Nobodys Hero), was working on a new project, Radio89. Dave had also grown up in the Miami scene and had been playing in various bands for years before moving to Central Florida. With Radio89’s album ready, Dave came to Joe with hopes of releasing it on A Jam Records. In the process, they not only released the album but decided to work together and go full force into A Jam Records; making Joe and Dave’s vision a reality.

We are expecting many good things in the year ahead. With new artists being added to the roster, and new albums being released; there is much growth coming up for us here at A Jam Records.

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