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Aborted Society began in the Winter of 1998 as a website. There wasn’t a lot of punk content on the web, and we wanted to make something that was useful amidst the myriad of advertisements and bad writing the internet was primarily comprised of then (not that much different now). In 1999, Rob and [email protected] began the Aborted Society Zine, a project that was supposed to come out 4 times a year, but ended up coming about about once every 7 months. We have since stopped doing the zine, but we have intentions of starting a new publication sometime in the future. Keep posted on that. At some point, we will archive all of the zines online for your perusal and general merriment.

We started putting out records and promoting shows in June of 2000 with the release of the Abscess Operandi compilation LP. Originally the comp was just a fun project, and before we knew it ABSOC became a label, fledgling for most of it’s formative years. We specialize in metal-influenced crust and hardcore punk. We are always looking for new material to release, so get in touch if you’re in a band that might fit on our label. We’re looking for bands that don’t generally fall under typical classifications, bands that have original artwork, ideas, and sounds.

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