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Art Drug Records
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Tight Nuns

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Art Drug is an independent record label based out of Toronto, Canada. Art Drug is a label focused on the good things in life. The collection of bands amassed on the label are a collective promise. A promise of weeks filled with Fridays; a summer of risk-taking and new memories; the commitment to the struggle of making it big in music, all while illuminated by the presence of good friends and long sunny days. The optimism and humour that is apparent in everything Art Drug puts out is a symbol of a generation that is both self-aware and eager to make a name for themselves. The strength of this label is both its willingness to push forward and its dismissal of iconoclasts and snobs. Wearing its heart on its sleeve, Art Drug is promoting a new awareness in artists and fans: to make the most out of the short time they’ve been given on earth. So why not make it personal and brutally honest? This is a question that this label is attempting to answer, and it gets closer with each release it puts out.

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