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Baldy Longhair Records Bio:

When I set out on the venture that is Baldy Longhair Records first and foremost I wanted to find a bunch of bands that I really and trully liked, but also a bunch of bands that show just how amazingly broad the punk genre can be. And I mean “broad” in the best possible way. For me punk rock is doing whatever you want. Ignoring trends. Ignoring fashion. Just being your own damn funky self. If it weren’t for this attitude we never would’ve had bands like The Minutemen. If it weren’t for this attitude we’d all be boring carbon copies. Listen you don’t need a mohawk to be a punk. If you want one, hey go for it. But don’t feel forced. Hell, rock a baldy longhair if it feels right to you. And I think if you listen to all the bands I’m putting out you’ll see in each one of them that they’re doing what feels right for them. Take it or leave it. (We hope you take it.)
Baldy is for the real music lovers. The ones that don’t care about genres or labels. The ones that’ll listen to whatever moves them regardless of what it’ll look like. The people that love to sit around and talk about music as much as they love to sit around and listen to it. The people that consider listening to music it’s own thing, that is to say not just something in the background of their daily life (although it’s often that too). Recently I tried explaining to a non-music lover that sometimes I just sit at home and listen to music and it blew their mind. They couldn’t understand just sitting in a room with some tunez and a set of liner notes and doing that. I hope you do.

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