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If you want unaffected rock and roll, we got it. You want some old school honky tonk untarnished by the shit Nashville has chosen to promote for the last generation? We got it. Psychedelic-inflected roots or catchy pop gems? Look no further. Deep, DEEP soul filtered through the prism of garage or surf? Yeah, baby. You want blistering fast psychobilly or thrash-grass? Yup, we got that, too. We’ve also got hundreds of sonic variations in between. Yes, a lot of it defies easy pigeonholing, but we think that's a strength, not a damnable quality or a marketing liability. The organic re-invention of music is what keeps music alive and we seek out like minded artists.

Help us support this great music, won't you? The Wal-Martization of America continues unabated. Small labels, independent retail and innovative radio are becoming rarer than humility on a Fox TV reality show. The end result is less choice for the discerning music fan.

We invite you to grab a frosty beverage, roam around the site, check out some new sounds and keep an open mind. Help us fight the good fight. If you like what you hear, help spread the gospel. Support independent retailers, pester chains to carry our stuff, call radio stations, annoy bloggers, bring friends to shows and help keep these struggling artists on the road. They aren’t looking to make millions, they just want to make enough to bring their art to you.

From our shabby office "complex" on a bleak stretch of Irving Park Road on the Northwest Side of Chicago, we will, with your support, continue to forge ahead in an environment hostile to the little guy and keep making music that matters. Help us keep our steel-toed boots on the throats of the forces responsible for the free fall decline of the contemporary music scene. As Joe Strummer taught us, search out the good stuff, go underground and don't buy what's shoved in front of you.

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    […] Out” is a cut from Scorch’s most recent album “Circle Round The Signs” released last May on Bloodshot Records, and I have no idea what is going on in its freakishly bizarre music video but I don’t care. The […]

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