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Broken World Media is an entity that exists to support the preservation and sharing of ideas and creative expression. Our definition of success is not validated by popularity, sales, or notoriety but instead on the presentation of a project and the experience of our audience. We work with a lot of artist and take on a lot of projects only because we are very passionate about the art that excites us and brings us joy. There is no "roster" or "team" or "signings" in the typical sense a record label would present. Instead, we think of everything on a project-to-project basis. There are a lot of things about the workings of a traditional independent record label that don't work for us and we have little interest in trying to compete, keep up with, or imitate other labels or their formats. We appreciate you for your interest in our projects and your support of our artists. We are interested in a wide range of music, literature, and visual art and promise to never compromise what we believe to be worthwhile and honest art in order to achieve traditional definitions of success. We are an ever expanding and contracting group of artists. We hope that you come to us with an open mind and heart.

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