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Juicebox Recordings Bio:

JUICEBOXdotcom was conceived eons ago during a thousand trips to late-night coffee shops in Toronto’s littlest pride and joy, Etobicoke. It slowly gestated in the minds and hearts of a small group of friends until they all moved away to do cool shit in other places. Originally it was going to be a magazine. But that was expensive and stupid, so it became a reasonably successful blog with a contributor list as long as the credits for Howard the Duck. Then we decided to start releasing records online for free. Then we got a TV show.

Today, JUICEBOXdotcom is designed to act as a hub of cool activity for its founders. We’re a production house that makes TV, a record label that releases music online for free, and a blog that writes about stuff that we think is awesome. Pretty soon we’ll be in space, probably.

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