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  1. Fire At Will (punk) stream 2 more songs off upcoming album “Life Goes On” |4/9/2016 10:04 AM | Permalink

    […] Goes On” is due out April 14th via KROD Records and is a follow-up to 2011′s “Hoping For The Best… Expecting The […]

  2. Fire At Will (punk) stream new album “Life Goes On” - All Punked Up4/16/2016 8:32 PM | Permalink

    […] French punks Fire At Will just released their new album Life Goes On through KROD Records. […]

  3. Adversity (punk) release music video for “Living Now”8/20/2016 5:55 PM | Permalink

    […] Now, after months of recording, their debut EP Figure Out has released through KROD Records. The EP features a nice mix of blazing fast punk rock, hardcore breakdowns, and shredding guitar […]

  4. Hightower (melodic punk) sign with KROD Records for release of new album “Club Dragon” - PUNX.UK5/10/2017 12:48 AM | Permalink

    […] melodic punks Hightower have announced that they have partnered up with KROD Records for the release of their second album “Club Dragon”. The album is expected to be released in […]

  5. Hightower (Pop Punk, France) release new video “The Party” - PUNX.UK5/22/2017 5:00 PM | Permalink

    […] have released a video for “The Party”, a track taken from their upcoming KROD Records album “Club Dragon”. The track was always released as a single […]

  6. Dream Nails stream new song ‘DIY’ - PUNX.UK7/5/2017 2:02 PM | Permalink

    […] feminist punk band Dream Nails has premiered a brand new song. ‘DIY’ is up now on the KROD Records bandcamp […]

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