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Rumbletowne Records Bio:

We decided to start RTR in late 2007 as an experiment.
It was an obvious choice to create a means to broadcast badass punk rock to more people who may crave it, on our own terms.

Neither of us EXACTLY had experience in the production and distribution of vinyl records.
We guessed at what we'd like to make happen and have seen some aspects of our original ideas come to fruition, like 11 records we're super proud of.
Other parts have fallen by the wayside - like we never made that page that explains step-by-step how to make a record... there's a BUNCH of different ways to do it and, honestly, anyone can order up a couple hundred 7"s but it's trial and error that are going to make a GOOD record and we didn't know how to capture that in an essay.
A lot of mistakes have been made and probably we'll make a ton more.

So this website marks a new era:
Most of our releases are available for download on the internet if you know how to find them.
We decided to make it all the more easier - the more rock the better!
You can download the whole album with cover art, no biggie, one stop shopping.
Though you can go for the hits and singles if you wish, we want you to download the whole record because every one is a composition -
there's a flow you miss out on if you pick and choose songs or listen out of order.
And it's the Honor System - pay what you will.
You can donate to us for your downloads (or just because you like us) via our paypal.
We're still not going to use paypal for U.S. mailorder (sorry) we're not ready for that.

It's a big deal for us to start using the paypal system.
Every time any of us uses our credit/debit card the corporations get a pretty hefty percentage of the sale or a fixed fee.
We're enmeshed in capitalism- you're reading this on our website and we're essentially a "business" - but being aware of where our and your money goes and the effect that it has on local economies is really important to us.
Not saying don't use those cards, just thinking about awareness and acknowledging that in this epoch of jadedness and convenience we DO make a difference in small ways.
We gotta make the world we want, within and outside of our scenes and communities.

We're into sending records to small distros around the world, email us and we'll talk about wholesale prices.

And most importantly, we're still hoping that you will order records from us via the old Postal Service:
Send Hidden Cash or Money Orders made out to Erica Freas or Matt Canino
Rumbletowne Records
P.O. Box 663
Olympia WA

Keep It Real!

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