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Your Label Records Bio:

Your Label Records was started in the fall of 2008 in Bennington VT, by owner Daryll McKeighan, and is now based in Rutland Vt. The idea originated from a need to help local bands, like the bands his friends
were in, go from just playing the bars and halls to getting onto a real stage with big name bands. The label's first client was Between Now And Forever a local Bennington punk band. Some of the projects they undertook were booking shows, promotion, artwork design for flyers with the help of their design partners at Asylum Art, and merch. With a few shows and brand new T-shirts accomplished it became more than a fun project, it became a mission.

Over the last few years Your Label Records has spent their time building a list of contacts all over New England, the UK, Australia, Sweden, and many states in the US. Although they primarily work with hardcore, metal, punk, and hard rock, the label is open to every genre from acoustic rock to death metal, and believes that a label shouldn't decide the music the fans should.

Mission Statement
Some of the benefits you should be aware of would first be our Mission To The Bands; We, at no point in our relationship, will ever, take the legal rights of any musician. All musicians under our label will always remain in legal and personal control of their Name, Image, Content, Property and all Lawful Rights. It is our purpose at Your Label Records to provide for bands a platform for which to grow and explore their musical interests through media, products, and live events. It is the goal of the artist to mutualy represent Your Label Records, until such a time as they decide to sign with another label. At such a time bands are entitled Free Leave from Your Label Records and will take with them any and all property created during their time at Your Label Records.

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