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  • this is one of the best bands i’ve ever heard, its original and beautiful. i could listen to them forever 🙂

  • Do not use “credit repair” tacicts such as dispute letters. Knowingly disputing a negative item that is accurate is fraud. Doing this by mail is punishable by imprisonment and fines under federal statute. These will do more damage then good and create a more difficult situation for yourself. If they verify the derogatory item, then it is really hard to get off. I do not recomend this prictice. I work for a credit attorney and we do a legal demand that wipes out all the bad credit in one clean sweep. Any Comsumer Credit Attorney can help you with that and it is not that expensive, about $800. As for building new credit, I did this with my mom and in 6 months she hade great scores. We put money into a savings account $900. Then took out a loan from the bank using the savings account as colateral. Check with the bank first to see if they do that. We were paid 1% on the savings and charged 4% for the credit line. We put the new $900 into the sayings accounts and the had thme automatically take the payment out of the savings so that we would not missa payment. Ask if they report to all three bureaus before you do this. By the way, do not pay old collections that jsut lowers your score because chance are those old account are not effecting your score that much. Most mortgage lenders ignore anything that is over 24 mo. When you pay an old collection, you bring it current showing paid in full and starts the time clock all over again. Depending on what state you are in, there is a statue timeframe that they cannot collect anymore. Here in California it is 4 years. After that they cannot collect. Well I suppose Fahim is an attorney. Are you kidding me!!! $1675 is outrageous!!. We do it usually in less than 60 days and only cost $800 retainer good for 3 years in case something new comes up later. No extra fee even if it is your fault or your become a victim of Identy theft.

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