Album Review: Leer – “Spring Break No Parents”

Skramz? Screamo? All with a highly astounding melodic tapestry? Then you’re looking for Leer. A band that packs punch and energy but infuses so many elements of indie, math-rock and post-hardcore, that you can’t help but love their stuff. Spring Break No Parents will leave you wanting more.

They caught my eye on a Cerce split a couple years back and what they’ve grown to is pretty powerful. “As Cool As An Attempted Suicide” encompasses the silky guitars of Dan Vo and Drew Satterlund that define a lot of Leer. But don’t discount Brandon Holder’s hoarse vocals that push their screamo sound. Their range even boasts slower and slightly poppier tracks like “Spring Break” that are steeped in the intricate guitars Leer fans can count themselves as familiar with.

Leer loves to take chances and at times a darker song like “No Parents” doesn’t help hinder their ebb and flow. In fact, it pushes the envelope and their momentum! “Tender Compliments” is swiftly formed with an eclectic Flea-like bassline that merges fittingly with “Perpetuity” which has their unrestrained and relentless vibrancy!

Leer’s magic comes from Holder as the perfect foil to the sumptuous musical spine that Vo and team paint. They make varying sounds come to a linear progression of skramz and a few other genres that shows their expertise is very much underrated. I’d bet on them. Heavily.

4.5/5 Stars

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