Leftover Crack Owns New York City


Scott Sturgeon of Leftover Crack
All Photos by Jeff Schaer-Moses Photography.

Leftover Crack put on a command performance for a sold-out crowd in their hometown on December, 3,  just a few short days after dropping a new record. Sturg and the gang rocked the hordes of Crack Rock Steady fans at Brooklyn Bazaar into a punk induced sweat laced frenzy touching on all the CRS hits. Stza Crack can be a bit of a prima donna at times but acting as the ringleader of a raucous punk rock circus like the one they put on in the BK, the Crack Daddy had no problem rising to the occasion.

Leftover Crack is being joined on tour by Midwest hardcore legends Negative Approach and New Jersey wildmen Crazy and the Brains, and also had Brooklyn’s Cop/Out and (A)Truth out as local support.

Check out the full show review below.

(A) Truth

(A) Truth was the first band to step on stage at Scenic Presents sold-out show in Greenpoint last Sunday and the New York hardcore punks made the best of every second they had up there. They shredded through a mean 10 songs and revved up the crowd of 40 or so for what was to come.



Cop/Out took the stage second and they are somewhat of a New York City Punk supergroup being that all of the members have more prominent projects and they are all lead organizers of New York’s best Punk Festival, Punk Island. Cop/Out has a more pop-punk sentiment than the previous band but with Joey Steele on the vocals they still come off as wildly intense.


Crazy & the Brains

Crazy & the Brains are a bunch of crazy fuckers for Jersey City. I’m not quite sure how to describe their set except to say they are a part of any bill that you would not want to miss. They are out all over the country with Leftover Crack and Negative Approach and I would highly recommend catching them when they come through your city.


Negative Approach

Legendary in their own right Negative Approach showed no mercy when assaulting the crowd with their midwest hardcore tunes. They may have never really blown up in their own era but Negative Approach is known as godfathers of hardcore and the band responsible for bringing the genre to the Midwest.

Touring may not be their bread and butter anymore like it was in the early ’80s but they are still a band that can bring it with the best of them and they definitely brought it for their soldout engagement in Brooklyn with LOC.

Leftover Crack

Leftover Crack on Dec. 2 at Brooklyn Bazaar was one of the sweatiest sets I can remember. Leftover Crack was merciless and the Crack Rock Steady Faithful responded in kind. The moshpit raged from song number one all the way through to the end and there were crowd surfers abound. Leftover Crack played all the hits off their recent release and put on the incredible sort of show that has made them a staple of New York Punk.

Scott Sturgeon is one of punks truly great songwriters and performers and for him to still be doing it at such a high level 30-years in is absolutely inspiring.

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