Less Than Jake show gets picketed by Westboro Baptist Church

Yes, folks, you read that headline right.

In a story that is sure to make the “Most Punk Rock Moments of 2011” list at year’s end, the Westboro Baptist Church has decided that God hates skanking. As such, the Kansas-based protest group saw fit to take their act on the road to Pensacola, Florida, to picket a gig by old school ska-punkers Less Than Jake.

In case you aren’t familiar with the WBC and don’t feel like Googling them (which, by the way, you should really do), they’ve made a name for themselves via their outspoken hatred of homosexuality, abortion, rock and roll music, devil worship and the military, though they tend to take their “God Hates Fags” signs gay rights events, military funerals and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial. In case you aren’t familiar with LTJ, well, you probably aren’t reading this site.

No real word on what it was about Less Than Jake that provoked the WBC, but to quote LTJ drummer Vinnie Fiorello, “it must have been a slow night at Bible study.” Read more of Vinnie’s comments here.

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