Ma Jolie to break up, announce final show

Philadelphia punks Ma Jolie have announced that they will be calling it quits at the end of the year.  The band has also announced that they will play a final show on December 30th at Kuung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia with Banquets, This Is Jazz, and The Joint Chiefs of Math.

You can read the band’s farewell statement below.

Ma Jolie last released Jetpack Mailman on June 16th via A-F Records.

Well, another one bites the dust I guess. Just like so many others before us, this band started from the end of another and as this ends I’m certain that there will be more music to come from each of us.

Our final show is on Wednesday December 30th at Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia w/ our dear friends Banquets, This is Jazz and The Joint Chiefs of Math. We went back and forth about the idea of playing a last show but our very convincing travel mate Phil Holmes from This Is Jazz put in a ton of effort to get the wheels in motion.

Just a few quick words about what made this experience important to me (us) that I wanted to share for those of you who might be interested.

I am truly amazed, honored and embarrassed at the fact that there are too many people to individually thank for allowing Ma Jolie to continue as long as it did. This started because Jeff and I truly just wanted to play fast music. We didn’t bother spending more than 20 minutes thinking of a name, because we just wanted to write some songs. Somehow that sentiment, paired with the efforts of countless others gave me the gift of hundreds of positive feelings, relationships, and generally just helping to whittle away at the bitter or angry dude that I could have become without all of this.

This thing that you are all apart of, and that you let us be apart of, is incredible. The subtleties of it can be dizzying and divisive at times, but it is still at its root, incredible. Every person who stood in a room while we played, housed us, fed us, bought our record, helped make our record, financially supported us, or put in a helpful word for us gave us something so much more than the cost of that one individual gesture. You gave us the ability to keep this nonsense moving forward, letting me see the things I got to see, meet the amazing people I got to meet and feel the cool feelings that these experiences can pull out of you. I can’t thank any of you enough for that.

At this point there are a few names that we really do need to mention that put an outrageous amount of work into getting our music into the world that I must thank individually…

Eric Osman and Emily Hakes (Lame-O Records) – Thank you for coming to so many of our first shows, putting out Polars, and supporting this band all the way through.

Chuck Haug (Gruff Beard Records) – Thank you for releasing our first record …Compared to Giants and getting this band rolling.

Chris Stowe (AF Records) – Thank you for being there almost every time in Pittsburgh and for releasing our 7” Jet Pack Mailman.

Joe Reinhart – Thank you for your infinite patience in recording both of our LPs.

CJ Blair – For essentially becoming part of the band in finishing up Jetpack Mailman

Jorgan Krug – For recording some tracks for Polars and catching some candid, un-reproducible “Ox screams”

Andy Clarke – For recording our first demo ever.

Jess Flynn – Taking every photo ever and providing some of the best company ever

Phil Holmes – Road doggin, playing with us on tour, and mediating fights

Bruno Guerreiro – For offering his artistic talents to each of our record sleeves and creating this AMAZING last show flyer.

Nick and The Guild – Gigging us around Philly for three years

Andy Nelson and R5 Productions – Giving us some really outrageous experiences with bands we have loved for a very long time.

Tony Weinbender and The Fest – For welcoming us down to Florida every year for an amazing time.

Choke Up, Cayetana, The Superweaks, Great Apes – For sharing the road and a whole lot of time together.

Signals Midwest, Banquets, The Stereo State – For sharing slightly less, but still wonderful times together

Thanks to anyone who cared about what we did. We are very proud of the things we were able to accomplish. See you at a show!


Ma Jolie

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