Mark Hoppus (Blink 182) issues statement responding to fan comments on 2011 tour date cancellations

Yesterday Blink 182 announced that they had cancelled all of their 2011 tour dates and the day after the announcement, Mark Hoppus has issued a statement addressing some of the comments fans had left for the band. Hoppus writes,

Hi. Mark here. I have been reading all of your comments, both here and on my twitter, and to those of you who’re frustrated, angry, let down, and incredulous, I feel you. I feel the same way. I’ve had a while to process everything and I’m still bummed. This was not an easy decision for us at all. One of the hardest things we’ve had to do. Ever. It sucks. The point is we didn’t want to rush and put out an inferior record. We also didn’t want to become a band who relies on their past success and just plays the same songs every tour, even though we’ll always play the older stuff as well. blink-182 NEEDS to make new music. For you, and for us. I did a long interview with Kerrang! about the postponement of the tour, and hopefully that helps explain everything a little better. I think it comes out on Wednesday. To those who’ve tried to be supportive and understanding, I thank you. For real. This needs to be the best album we’ve ever recorded, and we’re working hard towards that goal. blink-182 for life.

Blink 182′s last record was their self-titled Interscope Records release in 2003.
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