Marty Gregori Jr (Bracket) releases debut solo album

Marty Gregori Jr (frontman for Californian pop-punk band Bracket) has just released his debut solo album entitled “String Quartet No.1 in F Major”. The release is a collection of ideas Gregori has been working on for the past decade, finally seeing the light of day.

You can preview the album here, and stay tuned for more updates and tour dates as they become available.

Here’s what Marty had to say about the debut solo release,

This is a compilation of a few of my musical experiments from the past ten years. I have been lucky enough to play with a group of my favorite musicians and best friends known as Bracket. I suppose it is normal for a musician to try and see what he/she can do on his own. I think it is good for me to push myself beyond my limits so I can become a better musician and songwriter. On this Cd, I include: a Classical style string quartet, two Blues tunes, some soft acoustic songs, a bit of country and bluegrass and even a tiny bit of a Christmas Carol. These are mostly rough demos and casual recordings that I never intended to release, but decided “What the Hell?” I am especially proud of my String Quartet. I wrote it in 2006 and it took me eight years to get up the nerve to show it to somebody. I finally contacted Rachel Turner Houk and The Synchronicity Strings and we recorded it on January 26th 2014. The quartet only had a couple hours to rehearse it and we recorded only two takes of each movement. I don’t imagine that this will be a favorite in anyone’s music collection, but I hope that there will be someone out there who will enjoy hearing me try some different styles of music.

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