May Bee Massive (festival, France) announces lineup for 2017

Europe’s newest punk-rock gathering has started to take shape and is looking like an absolute banger already. May Bee Massive is scheduled to take place on 26th – 29th May, 2017, in Fomperron, France. The festival is the brainchild of Rich Parker and will feature a wide variety of European talent across the weekend. You only need to speak to Rich about May Bee Massive and punk-rock in general for a few minutes to understand his vision and commitment to the event. The aim is to showcase the best in up-and-coming European punk-rock in a safe, eco-friendly space, with a clear emphasis on sustainability and community.

When asked about who was welcome to join the May Bee Massive, Rich simply had the following to say:


Dying Scene will have an exclusive interview with Rich, the man-with-the-plan, in the coming months but for now check out the lineup below or follow the festival on Facebook for up-to-date details.



Topsy Turvys (France)
Almeida (UK)
Larrakia (UK)
Omahas (France)
Heads Up (France)
Lights Out (Italy)
Spin Off (Spain)
Owly Shit (France)
Buck (Spain)
Dead Neck (UK)
Fat Randall (Dubai)
Coma (France)
De Pascal vu Wooltz (Acoustic, Luxembourg)
The artist formerly known as Ragtime Ewan (Acoustic, UK)

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